Will The Army Please Rise Up – This Is The Hour!


This is the hour for change, what a great blessing not just to see Ian and Patricia but hundreds turn and make a discussion to follow the Bible not the traditions of man.

Part 2 Behind The Scenes

Testimonies from Ian and Patricia who hosted the Franklin TN meeting. They share on the impact of discovering the truth of getting back to Torah. Ian had a Rood awakening and in the past 6 month they have been following all the resources of Michael Rood and BulldozerFaith.

Ian testifies to being lead into truth by the hand of YHVH (God) dealing with pagan practices. They went through there first year without celebrating Christmas and are making a stand to honor YHVH in all they do.

Are you still following the Catholic Christian model?

This is the hour for change, what a great blessing not just to see Ian and Patricia but hundreds turn and make a discussion to follow the Bible not the traditions of man.

This is the hour to recognize the days in which we are living the climate is changing but we can stand and pray and make a difference.

Stand with us as we seek to make a prophetic stand – Heaven is speaking will we rise up and intercede on behalf of the nations.

Stand In The Gap For The Nations


Stand In The Gap

What an amazing tour “Heaven Speak’s” as we witness many lives transformed the testimonies are coming in about people being healed, empowered by the Holy Spirit and on fire to live there lives in a way that honors YHVH..

This prophetic trumpet call is not just to waken people up but a warning of the coming judgments and our need for intercession to stand in the gap for our nation’s.

Judgment is coming to America and the land is crying out because of the sin in the land. We must rise up right now and stand in the army of YHVH. The USA government is interfering in Israel against the will of YHVH and its false manipulation over Israel will bring consequences against America as a nation.

We can delay the coming judgment this country deserves. Israel too is standing in the balances with its separation from the will of YHVH. Join with me in standing in the gap for Israel and ask the father if you are called to partner with our mission.

Follow the Heaven Speak’s Tour we have two events still left here in Tennessee http://www.bulldozerfaith.com/usa-tour

Please share with others and stand in prayer with me that many will discover the Hebraic roots of there faith as well as the life in the Spirit.

Heaven Speak’s Lititz PA

As I am ministering in the USA the testimonies of the lives that are changed are amazing. It was only 8 months ago when I first was invited to minister in Steve and Leona’s home and to see all people walking with them as they seek to follow the Torah and discover there Hebraic roots is incredible. We had a large turnout over the 3 days and this week I wanted to share with you the what YHVH is doing in PA



Heaven Speaks Tour USA June 2013


It’s full steam ahead here in Israel as I plan to get ready for this missions trip to the USA. Shavuot is over and 50 days of preperation has passed as we prayed for the nations. Yeshua said to “Go” and preach the gospel here in the land of Israel and to the ends of the earth.

The word I recieved from the Father was “Tell my people not to stand alone – It is time for Heaven to Speak!”

Many are seeking to know the will of God but are just left confused, so this trip will be to spread the fire of the Holy Spirit concerning the Gospel of the kingdom. It is time for the body of Yeshua to get into alignment as a people not as individuals – where is the army of YHVH?