Revelation The 5th Gospel Michael Rood


Welcome to this weeks video blog which comes as a 2 part teaching bringing the outline of the Bood of Revelation with friend and fellow servant for the gospel of the kingdom Michael Rood.

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Part 1 Revelation 5th Gospel Michael Rood


Part 2 Revelation 5th Gospel Michael Rood

Part 2 – The chronological Gospels With Kenny And Michael Rood


The knowing of the truth will set you free – Do You want the truth or are you happy with Pagan Christianity?

70 Weeks Ministry Of Yeshua
Every incident recorded during Yeshua’s ministry is captured within the precise framework of Yeshua going up to each of the Feasts of the LORD (Lev 23) and either fulfilling the prophetic shadow pictures embedded within them or interpreting their future fulfillment (Col 2:16-17, Heb 10v1)

This is part 2 to watch Part 1 follow this link

Part 1 Opening Up The Word With Kenny and Michael Rood


Special guest on this weeks video blog Рwell not really a special guest but great friend and General in the army of YHVH Michael Rood from A Rood Awakening and Shabbat Night Live. As we sit sharing an expresso you would be amazed at just how much ground we can cover as we discuss many truths, deceptions and WOW Рwhat a great discussion on Covenants РLifting up the name of Yeshua!

In The Land Of Israel


This week Steve and Leona were in Israel on the Michael Rood Israel Tour and share testimony about the impact of the BulldozerFaith Tour last year has had in there life and community.

Now they are walking in the land of Israel seeing first hand places they have read about all there lives.