Torah And The Sabbath – Heaven Speak’s Tour


This week I am sharing a little more from my month in the USA on the Heaven Speak’s Tour where I witnessed more people coming to accept getting back to the roots of our faith. We are called to know first things first!

Is the Torah is the foundation to our faith?

I believe this is what I find in the pages of my Bible and I am so blessed to see thousands more getting set free from “Pagan Christianity” back to Hebrew Roots of our faith.

Part 1 – Torah And The Sabbath

Part 2 – Don Ask’s His Pastor If The Sabbath Is For Us? 

Part 3 – The Fruit Of Servanthood With John and Susan 

Part 2 – The chronological Gospels With Kenny And Michael Rood


The knowing of the truth will set you free – Do You want the truth or are you happy with Pagan Christianity?

70 Weeks Ministry Of Yeshua
Every incident recorded during Yeshua’s ministry is captured within the precise framework of Yeshua going up to each of the Feasts of the LORD (Lev 23) and either fulfilling the prophetic shadow pictures embedded within them or interpreting their future fulfillment (Col 2:16-17, Heb 10v1)

This is part 2 to watch Part 1 follow this link