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Tell The People To Get Ready!

by Kenny Russell
This weeks video blog I share from Joshua Chapter 1. I also show a small update on our new studios which are only a few days away from being fully equipped for broadcasting.

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6 thoughts on “Tell The People To Get Ready!

  1. Kenny, Such a good feeling to see all the progress. Praying heavily for the ministry and pray it won’t be long.

  2. I am very happy for you brother Kenny. I am hoping to come too Israel real soon and maybe a volunteer in your ministry if you have need. I look forward to supporting the ministry this month and in the future. I like what you are doing, love the articles and your passion for truth. Shalom from, Wisconsin

  3. Well done! I heard that you said the church uses cut paste gospel. I have been using this phrase for about 2 years now. When I realized what was going on. My wife and I have been following Torah for nearly three years now and we are learning everyday what it means to follow the will of Yahweh. You are so very right about we are handed the baton and now it up to us to decide as what to do with it. Do we pass it to someone else or do we continue the race. Others are watching and listening to what we say and do. Are we going to do what the Father said for us to do or we to act as if He did not tell us what to do.

  4. Dear Kenny,

    Thank you for your encouragement!
    There are so many things calling for my attention (Martha’s problem as well) but I want to be like Mary who sat & listened at the feet of our Messiah! It matters what our commission is & walk in it with praises to HIM!

  5. Well done Kenny! I’m here in Colorado and I am so excited to see the studio coming together and watch your latest video teaching. We start off the pre sunrise morning of our Shabbat with you Kenny and we are blessed by you brother! We are blessed and happy to be a small part of your ministry and look forward to watching your progress over in Israel.
    Shalom to you and your family,
    Gregory & Iris