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The Blowing Of The Shofar

by Kenny Russell


This is part 2 from Charlotte NC enjoying fellowship with Hebrew Roots friends. Blow the shofar and miracles will happen!

Get ready to be healed and delivered as the shofar blows

I am at the airport in Newark and looking forward to being in Israel for the Fall Feasts. It is almost 1 year since my eyes were opened to the truth and the father sent me on assignment to share the truth. Today my testimony is that thousands of people lives have been changed in many nations as I share my story. What a blessing to serve YHVH. This is just the beginning of incredible things to come in Israel and to the ends of the earth.

Shalom Kenny

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One thought on “The Blowing Of The Shofar

  1. The last 5 years I have set aside special offerings for Passover, Shavuot & Tabernacles for Israel. I am on a fixed income & I now am a critter-sitter earning extra income. I did not advertise or request jobs, it has been family & friends asking me to care for their animals. Through referrals I stay quite busy. YHWY is faithful! I meet Friday’s at the home of an ex-Catholic nun to observe Shabbat & for An Evening in THE WORD! I will contribute to your ministry in the future. Thank you for praying for America – I stand on Job 14:7-9 for my nation. The small stump of America will get the scent of LIVING WATER & bud again & become a large tree that overcame destruction.