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The King Is Coming – The Feast of Trumpets Sep 23rd 2017

by Kenny Russell

Great News!
Broadcasting from Caesarea Israel – the Studios are not finished yet but we can go live – Praise Yah!

This message will open your eyes concerning “The feast of Trumpets” and I hope will help lead you into the fall feast season.



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Thank you for your teachings. My wife and I have been following you on Youtube. We have been searching diligently over the last year to get a grasp of the Hebraic Roots and the Messianic movement.

Dear Kenny, May YHWH bless you greatly for your obedience in life and ministry. We only recently found you, but already gained much blessing by your teaching. We’ve discovered the feasts and Torah about a year ago after many, many years of Churchianity, what LIFE it has brought into our dry spiritual bones!

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5 thoughts on “The King Is Coming – The Feast of Trumpets Sep 23rd 2017

  1. Thank you for explaining this. I have been asking the Lord about the shabbat and the feasts. Do Christians observe these? I keep aware of it all, and know when they are. I have been doing 40 days of repentance. Just learned about the days of Awe this past week. More and more I am asking these questions. Many of my friends go to Messianic churches now. I live in the USA
    PS please no emails. Facebook is ok

  2. Blessings from me in Charlotte!!! Love you guys and everything you are doing !!! Praying for provision, pressed down and overflowing!!

  3. I was blessed to watch the sighting of the new moon for Feast of Trumpets. Thank you both so much for broadcasting the sighting.
    I watched the unscheduled message today about the King is coming. Also. Thank you