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The True story of the Grinch and Christmas

by Julia Glattfelt

I once heard a story about a green Grinch,

Who thought stealing Christmas would be quite a cinch.

Old grumpy curmudgeon did all that he could,

To take away trappings that Whoville thought good.

He went into houses and took down the trees,

He stole all the giftings, and lifting them seized

All the hopes and the good-will the Whos thought they’d found

When they celebrate Christmas as December rolls ‘round.


The Grinch seemed so angry, so mean and so bold,

To destroy all the memories and traditions Whos hold.

Why would he deem Christmas a terrible thing?

Traditions of yuletide and carols we sing?

Enraged, all the Whos to their festive lights cling.

We’ve done them forever! Christmas is the thing!

We don’t care what paganized rituals we’ve brung;

Our parties and shopping and eating’s begun!

Don’t tell us that Christmas trees scared Jeremiah!

Our thoughts on this matter are higher than Higher!

So what if the history of Christmas is bad;

To take it all from us would make us so sad!

No matter what God our Creator would wish;

We think that He’ll like all these things! They’re Delish!


You’re just a big Grinch to attempt to usurp

Our bestest and brightest and happiest >Burp< !

We’ll read from the scriptures, it comes from the Bible!

Don’t tell me that Santa or trees are an idol!

So what if our Savior was born at Sukkot?

I believe that as much as I do Noah’s boat!

That’s all from the Torah, and we think that’s done!

We’ve changed Mithras’ birthday to Our Father’s Son.

I’m sure He will measure our hearts when we sing

Of Santa and Frosty and Reindeers and things!

Oh Grinchy, you simply do not understand!

It’s Christmas tradition! And we think it’s grand!


You’re Grinchy to tell us that we should return

To Torah where all His instructions we’d learn.

We don’t need the Bible to tell us what’s what!

This Christmas is wonderful! You, just shut up!

We think that your heart is too small for your chest!

Don’t you know that Christmas is better than best?

Maybe your shoes pinch or you’re just a Scrooge!

Come on and join us, our cookies are Huge!


Once you have tasted you’ll see they’re so good,

It won’t even matter to do what we should!

Our Savior won’t tell us what we have to do!

He came so that we could be free from Him too!


So what if He followed the Torah and taught it?

Kept Sabbath and diet as when He first wrought it!

We know that He’s gracious and we’re off the hook!

We won’t give that Torah of His one last look!

So what!? His instructions were here Six-K years!

Now we all have freedom to join with our peers!

No more separation from man’s fond desire.

We know that our hearts are much higher than Higher!


So, soon the Grinch joined with the Whos in their folly.

He learned that their Christmas was merry and jolly.

It’s true that his heart was two sizes too small,

But the truth is that that’s not the reason at all!

His heart was for Torah, his Creator he loved.

But, now he’s forgotten what came from above.

It’s easy to join in and say it’s for Him,

But maybe the outcome will be awfully grim.

Someday we will see Him and what will we say?

That we learned the paganized festival Way?

Will He understand? Will He still be forgiving?

When we trample down the great gift He was giving?


It’s not about holidays, tinsel or holly.

It’s not just because the festivity’s jolly.

He asked us to join Him on His Holy Days!

The Jews have remembered, but whose Feasts are they?

Too bad we have missed the important instruction.

I fear that we all soon will meet our destruction.

For how is it blessing to mix God and Man,

If adding our own spin’s not part of His plan?


I won’t join the Whos or the Grinch or Ebeneezer.

And don’t think my heart’s been locked up in a freezer!

My heart holds a tablet of infinite worth;

The Word became Flesh and He dwelt here on Earth.

He came to restore His pure heart to us all

For out of His mouth He spoke Torah to all

We know from abundance is how His heart loves

So write it inside! His pure Word from above!

You won’t have regrets if you give up your trees

Restoring! Returning! It’s Him you will please!


I said it before and I’ll say it again

No Grinchy or pagan traditions of men!

Join me in returning to all He made clear.

Forget vain traditions! Let this be the year!

Someday all will join into His great design

His Feasts and His Sabbaths! Let these be our sign!

Then you too will welcome His Spirit on Earth

And store up in heaven good things of great worth.

No more will be your heart two sizes too small

He’ll fill it with Torah: His love for us all!


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12 thoughts on “The True story of the Grinch and Christmas

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  2. Amen to that! I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing, so now we all can share, and just maybe one person’s eyes will be opened, one can lead to many!

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