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Thousands Flock To Bulldozerfaith Website This Weekend

by Kenny Russell

Thousands flock to Bulldozerfaith website this weekend and are sharing teachings, articles as well as testimonies on social media.

It has already come close to becoming our highest ranking visitors traffic this year with a whopping 70% new visitors. People are waking up!

Why not join in and share on facebook this weeks selected testimony or a favorite page on our website that has ministered to you lately.

To select older broadcasts go to Weekly Archives.

Thanks for sharing especially as I am resting and recovering form surgery

The Holy Spirit is moving in the nations!


Pastor’s Wife’s Biggest Question After Embracing Biblical Truth!

Click the image below to watch


Mission Focus

This month, as we get ready to make a new TV series on the gospel as well as going to the UK.

Will you support us this month, as August donations are always a lot lower than other times of the year?

Do you have questions coming into Hebrew Roots?

It could be we have already addressed your question visit the Writers corner and enjoy the articles published.


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