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Torah And The Sabbath – Heaven Speak’s Tour

by Kenny Russell


This week I am sharing a little more from my month in the USA on the Heaven Speak’s Tour where I witnessed more people coming to accept getting back to the roots of our faith. We are called to know first things first!

Is the Torah is the foundation to our faith?

I believe this is what I find in the pages of my Bible and I am so blessed to see thousands more getting set free from “Pagan Christianity” back to Hebrew Roots of our faith.

Part 1 – Torah And The Sabbath

Part 2 – Don Ask’s His Pastor If The Sabbath Is For Us? 

Part 3 – The Fruit Of Servanthood With John and Susan 

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3 thoughts on “Torah And The Sabbath – Heaven Speak’s Tour

  1. I really enjoy learning about the feasts of the Lord and the Sabbath. I still do not feel like a question I have has been answered. Maybe I am asking the question wrong. I have never believed that the Sabbath switched from Saturday to Sunday. I have always known the Sabbath was the 7th day of the week. I do not know when or why some Christians started gathering on the 1st day of the week. But I also know most of us thought that we gathered on the 1st day because that’s when Jesus rose from the grave and defeated our sin. So I thought it was a tribute to Him on that day and we gathered now on that day. I realize we should have never dismissed the Sabbath because God has always wanted us to observe it. But why not gather for the observing the Sabbath on Saturday and then worship as the Church on Sunday? Is Saturday just a day of rest? or is there more? is there a worship time? is there a feast of communion to remember his sacrifice on the cross? what does the Sabbath consist of that is different than the Church gathering on Sunday? or is it different at all? is it the same and just observed on the incorrect day? Thanks to anyone who is able to answer.

    • Hello Tifani! Sunday worship was primarily instituted by Constantine in the 4th century in honor of the sun god mithras, he controlled Rome and also what became the Roman Catholic church and that’s where the sunday worship tradition started. The Sabbath is set aside from all other days as holy by God, of course we can worship every day of the week, but the set apart day is saturday. When the church gathers on sunday, they are honoring roman catholicism more than Jesus because it was Roman Catholic leaders that felt they had the power to change God’s Word and make up rules that are contrary to God’s Word – they bowed to sun god worship and then renamed things and attached Biblical significance to it. But Jesus kept the Sabbath and we honor Him by following Him, not by making up our own rules to follow Him how we want. Hope that helps!