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Unlocking Destiny Breaking The Spirit Of Delay

by Kenny Russell


YHVH will open the eyes of his people this day!

He is crying out for a people who will allow the Messiah to be visible. He is looking for a body, a corporate body, for there is a sound rising that will break down all barriers and YHVH says I have brought you here to show you that I am really real and that I have given you the keys to unlock destiny, It is my destiny in you!

For there is an alignment of my Spirit here today, before you were born I knew you!

There will be a supernatural move of my Spirit, YHVH is looking for great faith, corporately it has been declared and now it will be displayed.

It is not just in the corporate gathering as many who hear these words and read them will be taken to the place where they disappear and Messiah will be seen.

For my glory is the covering of my very presence, for just as Moses walked down the mountain so you will shine with my Glory. I am taking my people to the place of my presence; you will not have to travel far as my dwelling place is within you.

Don’t you know that you yourselves are my temple and that my Spirit lives in you?

If you destroy my temple, I will destroy you. My temple is sacred and you are that temple.

Are you of Yeshua as Yeshua is of me only those in the Messiah will see?


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7 thoughts on “Unlocking Destiny Breaking The Spirit Of Delay

  1. I sent a prayer request in concerning this topic unlocking destiny the breaking the spirit of delay is the teaching that I’ve listened to. Thank you for being obedient. I neede this like no ones business. Please pray, that I will clearly hear Abinus word so that I can fulfil my destiny according to YHWH, and not mankind of myself, I had a very uniques, encounter with HIM many years ago, and I have nothing to show for it, in my eyes, but my wil is to be a fulfiller of HIS will, and got the reason HE sent me on this earth, I don’t want it to go back voice, but what cover the talent or purpose is that HEs placed within me, I need to fulfill HIS will. I need to get back my first love, but I wan far greater than I experienced if back in the day. I want my husband my kinfolk inspire of their infirmed condition, especially mum and dad, and whom ever I am sent to, or they are sent yo me. To be that answer fat Abinu wants me to be. I agree fleshy very stink holy pungent, and I want to smell sweet and led by the Ruach Ha Qodesh. I don’t want Christianity back, I want to walk in what HE spoke to rose many years ago. Main thing is HaiS will be done. Please pray for our deliverance, of my whole kin folk, my hubby, and myself. He kerosene prophesying ou split, I song want that, bug I also don’t eant him, yo stay upon the path he’s on.
    I personally need an encounter with Abinu, I set back on course, harvest vast, the reapers are few, I need to do my bit, and have something to chow for it, I need go understand Torah etc, so that I can give something I’ve been given, but can’t giv what I don’t have.
    I am going to continue to listen to your teaching till the end. I have 16 minutes and feels it’s what the Father ordered.
    Todah raba, and shalom.

  2. We thank you Kenny for endless prayers! We still hoping that we will have better understanding for observing the Shavuot! We pray that Yahweh heal our bodies and hear our prayers! God Bless! Aloha&Mahalo, Mele??

  3. Thank you Kenny for this word. We have been praying, repenting and seeking for the fruitition of events so we can do what we have been called to do for 3 years. I was so encouraged when listing and reading Ezeliel 12;23-25. I am so excited. We feel the doors are being flung open and we can run through.
    Thank you