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To support us financially you can make a donation by clicking the Donate buttons above. If you would like to send a check please make checks payable to “Gottalife” with BulldozerFaith on the back and send to:

Gottalife Ministries, Suite 167, 15105-D John J Delaney Dr. Charlotte, NC, USA 28277

Giving Testimony: GottaLife has been a great blessing to me from God. It is a blessing to me to be able to support what you and your wife are doing, and know that I am contributing to God’s work and therefore to the other people to whom you are ministering through your radio and other ministries.



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13 thoughts on “Support

  1. This is long overdue n for that I apologize. I know where my help comes from. But I also believe in the power of fervent prayer. Thank u Kenny. I had swollen glands since septum n sinus surgery in Dec..My glands were swollen n terrible throat pain. I did smoke for about 40 yrs. Prase Yahovah I just quit 3 yrs ago.That was All Yahovah!! Back to my healing. I have been under treatment when the Dr. prescribed a meds I didn’t feel comfortable taking. In the midst of that u prayed. It didn’t happen right away but within 10 days the pain was completely gone. After almost 5 months of suffering
    . Then I got quite sick feeling weak n losing a great deal of fluids within the next few weeks. You and a fella named Russell on the chat prayed as did i. Shavout was upon us n i begged Ya to let me feel better so I could celebrate His apointed time. To honor n glorify Him. Friday prior i felt amazing. I was able to cook n clean. And when the Dr. called on Monday I told him i was doing fine. Based on what i told him. He deduced I had the flu. But said just keep doing what u r doing. Sounds like u r on the mend
    So all this is to say…thank u for your faith filled prayers for me. A few of us get together on the Sabbath n pray for a few hours for others. I feel confident God hears my prayers for those in need. But for some reason I lose a measure of that confidence when it comes to praying for myself. So thank u I know this is an area I need to work on. May u, Hayley n Hanna be blessed. May your shelter for those who r in crisis help body n soul. I will continue to pray for your ministry. Your devotions have been an enormous gift.

  2. I came from a broken and Dysfunctional Home with all kinds of Abuse and I am Proud to give what little I have just to bless someone Else’s Life and I know they will be fed the unadulterated EVERLIVING WORD of God here in this Ministries Endeavors. In YESHUA’S Name Amen.

  3. Thanks for the Privilege of giving part of my first fruits for the Abused Women program Outreach you have. I ask for Prayer for my Total Manifested HEALING from Parkinson’s Disease in YESHUA’S NAME AMEN! GODBLESS you and you Ministry that blesses me Every day ! HALLELUJAH!!?

  4. This is the third time I am trying to write a note to you. The first two attempts were lost!
    Thank you, Kenny Russell, for your obedience and faithfulness to Yehovah in Ministry to his people. I have been greatly encouraged many times and have matured in the faith as a result. I’m so thankful and I now have a small source of income with which to give back, which I have prayed for. If you will, please add my prayer request to the others for physical healing from a life-threatening illness I have battled naturally for a couple of years without any reversal as of yet. I am discouraged and needing wisdom how to go forward. Thank you again with all my heart. I pray for you and your family daily. May Yah shower you with his lavish love, protection, and provision!

    • I did send you a email did you get it?
      UK Bank account Name Gottalife Ltd.
      Account number 33474887
      sort code 20-39-64
      IBAN GB63 BARC 2039 6433 4748 87

      Thank you for your Support

  5. We are enjoying your program so much. There are no words to express my joy. I have mountains of questions and am looking for a phone number where I can call someone. Also, is there a group of Messianic believers here or around the Woodstock, Ontario Canada that we can join for Shabbat Services or take people to ? Thank you for your faithfulness !!

  6. Please provide a mailing address. I watched one of your programs today and really enjoyed it. We are excited to watch the rest soon. Shabbat Shalom

  7. Kenny, I went back in and re signed up for monthly withdrawal. We just check our bank account and it was withdrawn 2x. So… not sure what to do… ?

    be blessed!


  8. Hi Kenny,

    We most definitely want to support you and your ministry. Thanks again for coming to The Barn to plant seeds of Light! Your “Capture the Moments” have been so excellent! Had no idea how many are coming into these revelations of returning to the Paths… the ancient paths of righteousness. This has been so encouraging. May YHWH bless You and this work!

  9. Hi! A few days ago I signed up to give monthly support. But I now have a new card with an updated expiration date, and I can’t find where to edit my information. Can you advise? Thanks!