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What Is The Difference Between Heaven And Paradise?

by Kenny Russell


heaven-speaks_5_small600I am one week into the USA Tour Heaven Speaks and blessed to see what Yah is doing. People are being healed, delivered and transformed bring glory to YHVH at what the Holy Spirit is saying to them . Heave Speaks and the the army is rising.

I am sharing a critical message on for this day not just for the USA but Israel. Time is short and we can no longer just live like the world. We have a calling to stand up and shine the light of Yeshua but this is not just about saying Yes and Amen but a call to action.

I am sharing on what qualifies you for the army of YHVH and prophesying the hour is he for us to take our places and bring His Kingdom and His Glory. The nation is not ready and being blessed is not what we need but to be equipped. I will be posting some video from the tour as soon as I can get it edited.

This weekend I am ministering in Lititz PA if you are near please join us.

June 14th (Fri) – Meeting at Garden of Eden Reception Room , 225 Wood Corner Rd Lititz, PA 17543 – 7:00PM
June 15th (Sat Eve) -Meeting at Garden of Eden Reception Room , 225 Wood Corner Rd Lititz, PA 17543 – 7:00PM

To find our where I will be over the next e weeks please visit

This weeks video is with Michael Rood as we record an extended video not shown on Shabbat Night Live.

Please share with others and stand in prayer with me that many will discover the Hebraic roots of there faith as well as the life in the Spirit.

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3 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between Heaven And Paradise?

  1. So why did Yeshua say that today you will be in Paradise 2 the Thief on the cross? Where did the spirit of OT Saved & unsaved go & where do they go after Messiahs Resurrection? Or r they in the grave w the body?

    • Re-read that verse very carefully as it has been wilfully mis-interpreted and mis-taught to fit the pagan agenda for centuries. There were no punctuation marks (in this case a ‘comma’) at the time Messiah spoke those words, they were added centuries after the fact, and in many instances, they were mis-applied and completely changed the meaning of the verse. Move the comma to it’s intended place and you will see the true meaning of His words, the meaning that fits with the entirity of scripture.

      Luk 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, “Truthfully I say unto thee today, you shalt thou be with me in paradise.” (meaning, at the last trump, the time of the resurection of the saints, the man would join Him in paradise)