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When God Shows UP There is Joy

by Kenny Russell

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One thought on “When God Shows UP There is Joy

  1. That was so great Kenny cry cry so good to see you walking in victory laugh laugh just seeing you healed has encouraged me in my faith. My husband and I will be in Israel from the 3-13 I hope we can catch up with you and Hayley. My husband is not saved and I have been waiting 37 years, he has soften towards me having a relationship with Yah / Yeshua but he is not interested himself and he makes that pretty clear…. I pray but I don’t focus on it like I use to for the first fifteen years I prayed and fasted for his salvation (once I fasted for 7 days and a few years later my mother did the same for his salvation. I also did a 40 day Daniel fast) things did change in our marriage like he lost his anger but I also got discouraged and disappointed with his stubborn heart. My husband is not someone you can talk into anything it would have to be and encounter with our savior himself. Just hearing you today does increase my faith, I guess I am hoping that being in the Land will change his heart which I should not really do because in the past it has just been a set up for disappointment. Thank you for today xxxx